Swimming Against the Tide: Why the Best Time to Sell Your House is When Others Aren't
As homeowners, one question that constantly plagues us is "when is the perfect time to sell our house?" Common wisdom often dictates that we should time our house sales to coincide with the peak real estate season, typically spring or summer. The rationale? Warmer months bring more active buyers, with houses often displaying better in the pleasant glow of spring or summer. However, an alternative strategy might surprise you – it may be advantageous to sell your house when others are not. This contrarian approach can actually prove beneficial, turning traditional home selling wisdom on its head.
Aug 2023
Consuelo Quinonez
Lower Competition
When you choose to list your home at a time when fewer houses are on the market, you instantly eliminate much of your competition. This can make your home more attractive to buyers who may have fewer options to consider. You could say it's akin to being a big fish in a small pond – your property naturally stands out.

Serious Buyers
During off-peak seasons, the tire-kickers and window shoppers of the property market often stay away. Those who brave the cold, or sacrifice their holiday season to go house hunting, are usually serious buyers. They may need to relocate for work, or might have recently sold their own home. These are the kind of buyers who are ready to make a decision and are less likely to waste your time with lowball offers.

Potential for Higher Offers When demand outstrips supply, prices often increase. Selling your house when others aren't can create an environment where multiple interested buyers may have to compete for your home. This can often lead to bidding wars and ultimately, a higher selling price.

Availability of Real Estate Agents
During the slower season, real estate agents aren't as busy. This means they can dedicate more time and attention to selling your house, which could result in a quicker sale. Additionally, they might be more motivated to negotiate on their commission since they don't have the volume of clients they would during the peak season.

Greater Flexibility
By selling when others aren't, you can have more control over your timeline. There's less pressure to immediately vacate your home for showings or upon selling. You can negotiate terms that are more favorable to your schedule, such as a longer closing period or rent-back agreements.Despite these advantages, selling a house during off-peak seasons does have its drawbacks. There are generally fewer buyers, and the harsh weather of winter or the busy holiday season may deter some. However, the quality of interest during these periods can often outweigh the reduced quantity.Before making any decisions, always consider your individual circumstances. It's crucial to think about your financial situation, the local housing market, and any time constraints you may have. Moreover, it's equally important to prepare your house to impress. Regardless of the time of year, an appealing, well-maintained home stands a better chance of attracting buyers and fetching a good price.In conclusion, don't be discouraged if you're thinking about selling your house and it's not 'the season.' In fact, it might just be the perfect time. There are distinct advantages to selling your home when others aren't - reduced competition, serious buyers, potential for higher offers, availability of real estate agents, and greater flexibility. It's worth considering swimming against the tide in the property market - you might just find it's a more fruitful journey than you expected.
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